My Face

So who am I? It’s such an existential question really; it’s a bit mental to expect people to be able to sum up their hopes, dreams, achievements and failures in a few short lines.

Maybe what am I is a better question?

I am human, ish. At least that’s what my twitter bio says. But so is everyone. What I am, that other people may not be, is a magician, psychology student, amateur photographer, writer, publisher, atheist, TV advisor and exercise junkie with a love of books, Apple products, cocktails, awful music and doing the least amount of work necessary.

That’s all fine, but it isn’t me. It doesn’t mention what books I love (non-fiction and stupidly long fantasy epics; and crappy action novels), what crappy music I adore (if you think it’s cheesy, I probably like it) or whether I’m obsessed with weight training and submission grappling or yoga and ballet (the former pair). The easiest way to learn about me isn’t to read an impossibly forced about me snippet; it’s to interact with me: to follow me (online! not in person), comment on my things or like my pictures. So if you actually want to learn about me – and I assume you do because you clicked the about tab – follow this blog or find me on facebook, twitter or my website.